Lyla loves Hendra Holiday Park

In Loving Memory 

Sadly, Lyla passed away in August 2017. We are so pleased that we got to meet her in person; she was a beauty, so graceful and calm. Her owner Bethan has published a lovely blog post about her... It must have been so hard to write, but it's a reminder that we need to cherish every single moment that we have with these special companions. Click here to read Bethan's post.

Meet Delylah!

"Lyla is a rescue; she's now 13 years old and loves food, cuddles and her blanket which she carried everywhere. She adores meeting new people and thinks anyone within a 10 metre radius is there to give her a fuss... she also knows the exact times mum and dad come home from work and will watch at the window and can tell my boyfriends motorbike apart from any others!" - Bethan, Staffordshire.

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Lyla's favourite place in Britain is Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay.

Here's why:  

"We've been going to Cornwall for as long as I've been lived, and when we got Lyla we were still able to go to the same Holiday park as they have dog-specific caravans. Lyla gets travel sick, so will sulk for the 6 hour journey, but the second we pull up to the gates she's a different dog! There's loads for her to do in and around the site and she loves the holiday just as much as us!" - Bethan.

In memory of Lyla, one of the first PaB Pack members...

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