Maisie loves Summers Beach in St Mawes, Cornwall

Meet Maisie!

"Maisie (or Miserable Maisie as I like to call her) is a 9 year old pedigree West Highland White Terrier.

She loves stealing teddies that don’t belong to her, sleeping, people watching and barking at anyone who dares walk past our house.

She’s not a big fan of people or socialising (hence her nickname) and it takes time for her to warm to you, but when she does she’ll be your best friend." - Emily, Staffordshire

Maisie's favourite place in Britain Summers Beach in St Mawes, Cornwall

Here's why:  

"Besides her spot on the sofa, Maisie’s favourite dog friendly place is Summers Beach in St Mawes, Cornwall. We tend to visit it outside of school holidays and it’s one of the quietest and most relaxing beaches to visit. I don’t know whether it’s the sea air, but when we get there Maisie goes absolutely crazy! She runs around on the sand until she tires herself out and then eventually flops in a heap on the shore. There are other dog friendly beaches in Cornwall, but this one will always have a place in ours and Maisie’s hearts." - Emily

Welcome to The Pack Maisie!

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