Miss Darcy loves Lucio Restaurant in London

Meet Miss Darcy!

"Darcy is an apricot Cockapoo who lives in London. She loves nothing more than being with her Mummy - and therefore she goes just about everywhere - dining out, shopping, the hairdressers, physio and even massages!  She has a blog about all her adventures in London and when she travels abroad. She has visited 18 countries and counting!

In her grown-up years (she's almost seven years of age), she is now an aloof little lady who doesn't care much about playing with other dogs. She highly prefers to go squirrelling - and she loves chasing after balls. She has an insatiable appetite and forages for treats out of any pocket, bags or bins - not very ladylike when it comes to food. Therefore, Mummy makes her do agility to keep her waistline trim - and she's a natural - nothing will stop her from following that treat in the trainer's hand around the whole course!  Once upon a time she used to play and gut every toy in her basket. Today, she has one love - her Teddy and she plays with it ever so gently, nibbling it's hands lovingly and plays with it when rolling on her back.  When she likes someone when they come to visit, she will take Teddy to show the visitor.

Darcy is quite independent, or at least she likes to make Mummy think she is, but should Mummy walk away from her when being handed over to the dog walker, she would cry and yelp like there's no tomorrow.  At bedtime, she plonks herself next to Mummy's head, sometimes on the pillow. And in the morning, she likes to just put herself right close to Mummy - their backs touching each other - for the last few moments of sleep before the day begins. " - May, Chelsea

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Blog - www.missdarcy.org

May also has her own interior design business - www.maypingdesigns.com

Miss Darcy is very well travelled, but she's picked Lucio's in Chelsea as her favourite dog friendly restaurant in London:

Here's why:  

"Every time we walk along Fulham Road, she always pulls to go inside. Sometimes we stop for lunch and she's super happy. Other times we just stop in to say hello to Coco who is the Cockapoo in residence!

Lucio himself loves dogs and that's why he decided to open his highly acclaimed restaurant to allow both dogs and children inside. Miss Darcy recognises that he has a fondness for dogs.
We are usually sat at the banquette - Miss Darcy takes her place next to me and always gets a treat. She waits with bated breath because she knows what comes next: Grissini!!! She's the Grissini monster! She can chomp her way through a whole packet and wants more. When my food arrives, she knows that Grissini time is over and she settles down for a snooze. " - May.

When she isn't eating Grissini, Miss Darcy loves chasing squirrels in Kensington Gardens!

Miss Darcy also loves visiting Germany - it's so dog friendly!

May used to live in Germany and still returns when she can to visit friends, but she doesn't leave Miss Darcy behind... Together they have visited Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg as well as Dusseldorf! They have found Germany to be very welcoming.

Welcome to The Pack Miss Darcy!

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