Nora loves Marbury Country Park, Cheshire

Meet Nora!

"Nora’s a black Labrador Retriever.

She’s crazy, a bit silly, but very intelligent and extremely loving!

It’s rare you’ll see her without a soft toy to carry whilst her tail mimics a propeller! She loves a smelly old tennis ball there’s really nothing better to her! She hates the rain and dislikes puddles but will happily swim forever!

Nora’s part of the fabulous Facebook group called 'Dog walks in Cheshire' where she’s met so many new fur-friends!" - Francesca

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Nora's favourite place is Marbury Country Park, Northwich, Cheshire

Here's why:

"Marbury Park is a local favourite of Nora’s with loads of open space to chase squirrels and find new friends.

On weekends there's a small van for human treats and drinks (dog treats also available).

Explore the park and you’ll come across a small dog agility area leading down to Marbury Mere, a perfect swimming spot for water loving dogs!" - Francesca

Welcome to The Pack Nora!

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