Piglet loves Whitmore Tea Rooms

Meet Piglet!

"Piglet is a cream French Bulldog who definitely lives up to his name. His favourite things in life are food, followed by cuddles and he will stare people out in order to get their attention. He has a very busy social life and loves visiting new places, attending parties and social events with his friends, and going to dog friendly bars, restaurants and cafés. Piglet has a definite soft spot for Elsa and has been on several dates with her. It is so much fun watching them play together and enjoying each other’s company!" - Annabel, Staffordshire

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One of Piglet's favourite places is Whitmore Tea Rooms in Staffordshire.

Here's why: 

"Piglet loves a visit to Whitmore Tea Rooms for afternoon tea, especially in the summer months as only the outdoor garden welcomes dogs.
Piglet first came here when he was 14 weeks old as part of his socialisation plan as we wanted a well behaved dog who was a pleasure to take out and about.

The staff are very friendly and always greet Piglet with a warm welcome. They even ensure the dog bowl has fresh, clean water for him.

Piglet adores relaxing in the courtyard listening to the birds sing whilst having afternoon tea. We usually bring him some homemade doggy cake or biscuits, but he also insists on searching for cake crumbs and begging for cucumber sandwiches. There is an extensive menu and a wide variety of delicious cakes to choose from, including pistachio and lime or cherry and almond.

The flowers, pretty china, elegant garden furniture and bunting create an Alice in Wonderland type atmosphere.

Piglet always wears a bow tie to look extra handsome as he likes to dress up and attract admirers.

We think this is a great dog friendly location, perfect for an outdoor lunch or afternoon tea because of its charming ambience, appetizing cakes and friendly service." - Annabel

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