Poppy loves Frinton-on-Sea Beach

Meet Poppy!

"Poppy is a very friendly and gentle Lhasa Apso but she takes her guard duties extremely seriously. She is most defensive of her garden, tending to keep an eye on any cats that might wander in. She regularly monitors the front windows of the house as well, just to make sure everything is in order. She's quite the sassy dog and most certainly isn't camera shy!" - Pamela, Essex.

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Poppy also has her own website, with an ongoing weekly story blog published every Sunday morning. It has fun little stories based around the life of Lhasa Apso dogs called Tales of a Lhasa Apso. Click here to go to Poppy's website. 

Poppy's favourite place in Britain is Frinton-on-Sea Beach in Essex. 

Here's why: 

"Poppy loves the open space and the freedom to run at speed along the sandy expanse. She gets very excited even if you just say the word 'beach'. Frinton's beaches are nice and quiet mostly, so you tend to get empty beaches or the odd dog walker. Poppy loves to just sprint across the sand, taking in all the sea air. She usually get quite sandy though, so the dreaded bath routine follows!" - Pamela

Welcome to The Pack Poppy!

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