Rex loves The Woolpack in Ipswich

Meet Rex!

"Rex is a 2 year old, very handsome, pedigree and super energetic Golden Labrador. He is very vocal so loves to talk and grumble, as well as cuddle up to us. We often refer to him as our “Prince”. We like to bring Rex most places with us, hence our mission to share dog friendly places in Suffolk on Instagram." - Sarah, Suffolk

You can find Rex on Instagram @pintswithyourpup

Rex's favourite place is The Woolpack in Ipswich

Here's why:

"The Woolpack is next to historical and beautiful Christchurch Park. They offer a great selection of beer, wine and gin, with artisan coffee too for the non-drinkers. This pub offers traditional home made pub grub but also fine dining dishes with a twist. If you are after something light they bar snacks range from home made sausage rolls or home made scotch eggs with curry mayonnaise. We have never had a bad meal at The Woolpack and visit at least once a month. The interior is cosy with an open fire, mismatched furniture and friendly bar staff armed with dog treats. Rex knows that, after a walk around Christchurch Park, we are always headed to The Woolpack and leads the way.  Outside The Woolpack there is a large patio area which hosts colourful flowerbeds. Perfect for lazing away a Saturday afternoon with a pint." - Sarah

Welcome to The Pack Rex!

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