Rocky loves Saltburn Beach and Valley Gardens

Meet Rocky!

"Rocky is a Chihuahua x Shih Tzu, who had 2 previous homes before I met him at 18 months old. We weren't looking for a dog, let alone a tiny one with wobbly knees and an attitude problem, but after visiting a friend for the day, I came home with Rocky (or Rocket, as my friends toddler named him). He's a lovable rogue, who despite first impressions, wraps everyone he meets around his tiny little paw. There isn't a single person who has been able to resist his funny little face and his huge personality. Even non dog lovers seem to develop a  soft spot for him. His favourite thing to do is lie in the sunshine, preferably with a nice fresh bone from the butchers, followed by a snooze!" - Sophia, North Yorkshire

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Rocky's favourite place in Britain is Saltburn Beach and Valley Gardens.

Here's why:  

"Saltburn is a seaside town on the North Yorkshire coast with plenty of pretty places for the humans (big and small) to enjoy, and for the puppers to have a good run and play. Rocky especially likes the beach, because he can run off the lead and still put plenty of distance between him and other dogs, who he gets frightened of. He goes bananas, and loves to zoom around in circles playing chase with his humans.

We love this place even more, because there are so many dog friendly cafes and shops. Our favourites are Camfields because their cakes, coffee and ice creams are to die for. They are also right by the beach, just as you leave the woodland. Perfect! We also like going to Signals Bistro in the town centre after a nosey around the array of quirky shops - we mustn't forget to take home a beautiful candle from The Cave, or a nice fresh bone from the butchers, though!
As a side note: Saltburn beach has a beautifully long stretch of sand, however dogs are restricted in the area between the left side of the pier (looking out to sea) and Hazlegrove (where the sand dunes start) between May 1st and September 30th. This is not an issue though, as there's still lots of space between the pier and Ship Inn (Also dog friendly!), as well as beyond the sand dunes, and dogs are welcome all along the promenade." - Sophia.

Welcome to The Pack Rocket!

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