Rodney is the resident pooch at The Fox & Hounds, Theale

Meet Rodney!

Rodney is the 'pub dog' at The Fox & Hounds pub in Theale, West Berkshire, which recently won the DogFriendly 2017 award for the best Pub/ Bar!

"Rodney loves being a pub dog and adores all of the attention he gets from our customers and of course all of his new friends he makes on a day to day basis, and if another dog or pup is getting the attention our little “thug” makes sure he gets in there as well for a fuss and a treat." - Jayne Tilsley, Pub Owner

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Pub owner Jayne Tilsley tells us more:


"Rodney is just an incredible part of the family; he is loving, caring, cute and crazy. We often refer to Rodney as a thug due to his naughty teenage boy like behaviour, but in a good way of course. After losing my Jack Russell Gary, who had been with us for 12 years, to cancer I decided that I wanted a new addition to the family. When I went to collect my Frenchie, Rodney was not the one I was going to see... but when I got there this naughty little bundle of joy pushed his way to the front, knocking all the other pups out of the way so that he could be centre of attention. It was at this moment I knew he chose to be my boy.

Rodney has 2 sisters another French Bulldog called Debbie and a Jack Russell called Nerys. He loves to play the big boy and look after the girls and, you guessed it... squeeze himself in the middle if the other two are having cuddles!"

The Pub

"We have been at the Fox & Hounds for 2 Years now, along with my partner Miles, and we have simply loved building up a reputation with our loyal customers, this includes the human ones as well. The Fox & Hounds was dog friendly to an extent before we arrived, but nowhere near to where it is today. We have our doggy beds, water bowls, poop bags, free treats, doggy ball pit, dog ice cream, pawsecco, dog beer and a doggy photo booth which is enjoyed by our pooches and their owners. I truly believe that people keep bringing their dogs back time after time thanks to all the facilities we have, plus the fact that the team all love dogs so there is never a dog that doesn’t get attention and fuss from our team. – © copyright 2017 BBC

We are in a prime location for people to take dogs on a nice long walk; directly opposite the pub we have Hose Hill Lake which is a good mile long walk for all to enjoy. When people return the humans come in for a coffee or a beer and our pooches come in to enjoy one of our comfortable beds, water and free treats.

Our Facebook page features a “woofer of the week” and we have created a doggy calendar that we sell and donate 25% of the proceeds to Newbury’s Dogs Trust. In the summer we have a dog show on the first bank holiday in May, the last one raised £585 which we donated to Newbury's Dogs Trust."

With special thanks to Jayne Tilsley

We absolutely LOVE Rodney and are delighted to have him as a member of The Pack!

The Fox and Hounds

Station Road, Theale, Reading, Berkshire RG7 4BE

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