Rolo loves The Harbour Café, Southwold

Meet Rolo!

"Rolo is a Springer Spaniel/Poodle cross. He was rescued from a puppy farm by the RSPCA and is now a Pets As Therapy volunteer, visiting patients including children, staff and visitors in hospital and the elderly in a care home. He's the cover model for the current RSPCA #AnimalKind campaign, he features on the cover of the free guide and inside too. There is also a short RSPCA film about Rolo on social media. He will be featuring in a new series on national TV next month (June 2018). Rolo is very professional at work, but has a mischievous side when off duty - he has a great sense of humour and thinks it very funny to steal anything fabric or soft and run out of the back door with it - cushions, tea towels, laundry, shoes etc. Rolo loves the camera and poses when required. A ball connoisseur, Rolo can tell if it is a decent tennis ball; if it's a proper tennis ball he will retrieve and return it endlessly, if not, he will take it away and demolish it. Rolo can also unscrew the lids off plastic water bottles. Rolo loves meeting people and dogs and making new friends. He loves to dig at the beach and on the mud flats, then he holds up his paws for cleaning." - Claire

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Rolo's favourite place is The Harbour Café, Southwold

Here's why:

"Dogs are made to feel very welcome and there is a nice stove there for if it is cold. Dogs are given treats. Rolo settles down very well (in between saying hello to customers and their dogs if they have them!). There are always conversations to be had. There is a lovely sandy beach nearby for walking to the café and back. Rolo enjoys going into the café, he always walks in with his tail wagging.

It’s not just the friendly atmosphere of this café that we enjoy, it is also the delicious food. We have had the best toasted sandwiches, stuffed with filling and accompanied by a generous fresh garnish. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!" - Claire

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