Samson loves Keele University Campus

Meet Samson!

"Samson is a 6 year old rescue Saint Bernard who truly lives up to the reputation of gentle giant. He has a striking resemblance to Beethoven, and like Beethoven likes to get up to mischief. He is a big bear, but thinks he is a lapdog. Samson loves nothing more than napping, belly rubs, cuddles, pigs ears and slow walks (so he can sniff anything and everything) and more napping. He's super friendly, and loves meeting new people and having a fuss. " - Steph, Staffordshire

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Samson's favourite place in Britain is Keele University Campus in Staffordshire.

Here's why:

"One of our favourite dog friendly places is the KPA bar on Keele Campus. We love going there as it's our local pub, and Samson is always greeted with a warm welcome where he meets new and old friends when we pop for a drink after lovely walks around the grounds of Keele Hall, where Samson loves to explore the fields and lakes.

Another one of our dog friendly places is Hounds in Newcastle where we stock up on plenty of Samson's favourite treats, particularly pigs ears and duck necks." - Steph

Welcome to The Pack Samson!

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