Scrumptious tells us about his favourite places in the North West

Meet Scrumptious!

"Scrumptious is a fun-loving, crazy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Despite his age everywhere we go we get asked if he is a puppy so he is definitely young-at-heart." - Avril, Wirral.

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Scrumptious loves The Dog Barn in Saint Helens

Here's why:  

"Scrumptious loves choosing a fresh home made treat from 'The Dog Bowl' and then taking part in 'Doggy Playtime' where he gets to have a go on agility equipment and run around with lots of other friendly dogs" - Avril.

He also loves Manley Mere in Frodsham

Here's why:  

"Scrumptious loves a walk around the lake here. There are always swans and ducks for him to watch. In the summer months he enjoys watching the humans on the great big inflatable playground on the water. All the best walks end with a stop at a cafe. The dog friendly outdoor eating area at Manley is perfect for a cup of tea and a cake. " - Avril.

Welcome to The Pack Scrumptious!

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