Tilly loves the seaside!

Meet Tilly!

"Tilly and I love sniffing out all things dog friendly! My name is Amy, and I live with my sassy 3 year old Miniature Poodle, Tilly in Hampshire. Tilly is always by my side, and is sweet, sassy, loving, (wimpy!), speedy, and smart. Together we enjoy learning new tricks, agility, and posing for photos!"

You can find Tilly on Instagram @sillytillypoodle and Twitter @sillytillypoo

"I started an Instagram for Tilly when she was a puppy, to avoid spamming family and friends with endless photos. Here we are 3 years later, and it has become a hobby, helped me improve my photography, and best of all, allowed us to meet many wonderful friends.

Our blog sillytillypoodle.com often features our dog friendly finds, as well as reviews, events we attend, and our latest photography." - Amy, Hampshire

Tilly's favourite place is West Wittering Beach in West Sussex

Here's why: 

"Our favourite place in the world is anywhere by the seaside! Tilly's top spot has got to be West Wittering Beach in West Sussex. We have been too many times to count since Tilly was tiny, and she is truly a different dog here! I think it's something about the huge stretches of soft sand to run on. Half the beach is open to dogs all year round, and there is always plenty of parking." - Amy

Welcome to The Pack Tilly!

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