Volt loves Playa Can in Gandia, Spain

Meet Volt!

"Volt is a 6 year old Jack Russell. He is a rescue dog and now he is a happy dog, very quiet, he loves to travel and discover new landscapes. He loves food, walks, nature, meeting new friends!" - Anne, France

Volt lives with Anne in France but travels to the UK and Spain regularly

You can find him on Instagram @volt_russell and Facebook www.facebook.com/VoltRussell/

Volt's favourite place is Playa Can in Spain! 

Here's why:

"Volt loves this beach, there is a part of the beach only for dogs! All dogs there are friendly, they play on the sand and in the water together! There are bins for the poo bags and flags showing the limits of the dogs spaces." - Anne

Welcome to The Pack Volt!

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