Travelling via the Eurotunnel with Kobee

Kobee Travels to Nuremburg in Germany via the Eurotunnel!

Pack member Kobee is an avid traveller and he loves nothing more than going on great adventures around the U.K. and Europe with his family.

His owner Louise has very kindly put this post together to explain how you can take your paws beyond Britain and across Europe...

The Eurotunnel is Kobee's gateway to his great adventures across Germany, Holland, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland with his family and soon his new baby brother Yuki. Travelling to Europe with your dog(s) may seem daunting, but pet travel has become a lot more accessible over the years. One of the quickest and easiest ways to travel is by catching the Eurotunnel le shuttle from Folkestone to Calais with a journey time of just 35 minutes!

Booking your trip could not be easier, simply:

  1. Visit the Eurotunnel website
  2. Input your journey information into the “Fare Finder” panel on the home page.
  3. Once you have selected your preferred times and are directed through to the “Travel Options Page”, scroll down to the “Take Your Pet on Holiday” section and select how many dogs will be travelling with you, but REMEMBER you need to complete both the Outbound and Inbound boxes. As of June 2017 the cost of your pet travelling with you is £18 per dog each way, but registered guide & assistance dogs travel for free.
  4. Once you have booked your journey Eurotunnel will send you a separate email to your booking confirmation detailing the things you need to know when travelling with your dog.

Before you Travel:

  1. Ensure you Pet Passport is up to date and none of your dog’s inoculations are due. NOTE: Rabies injections had to be given a minimum of three weeks before travel (due every three years, but seek advise from your vet to confirm).
  2. Book an appointment for your dog’s Tapeworm Treatment with an English speaking vet near to where you are staying before you travel. Kobee’s appointment is always booked via email so we have the appointment details in writing. (You can find English speaking vets in the local area near your accommodation by either doing a Google search or contacting your holiday resort reception). NOTE: Tapeworm treatment has to be given as per the Pet Travel Scheme guidelines before travelling back to the U.K. As of June 2017 these guidelines stated that treatment should be given no less than 1 day and no more than 5 days prior to travel (Kobee usually goes for his treatment at a local vets 48 hours prior to travel, just in-case he gets any side effects from the treatment). ALWAYS check the Eurotunnel website for the latest government guidelines
  3. While a Tick treatment is not a requirement anymore, Kobee always wears a Scalibor collar when travelling for extra protection against ticks, sandflies, mosquitoes and flies that may carry heartworm larvae. These can be purchased at any online vet store such as VetUK.

The Facilities at the Terminal - Folkestone:
There is no Pet-Check-In on the Folkestone side so you simply check in as usual. Dogs are not allowed inside the main terminal building, however they do offer a great dog walking area where they can stretch their legs before continuing their journey.

The Journey:
For Kobee this is the perfect way to travel as you simply drive into the train carriage and travel in your own car inside the train. This means that Kobee gets to sit with his family in the back seat of the car, an environment he is familiar with and with the people he loves. The journey time is only 35 minutes so he doesn’t get agitated and just relaxes.

Visiting the Vets:
You have found your vets and emailed them to make an appointment for the Tapeworm Treatment prior to travel, but it is now nearing the end of your holiday and it is time to visit them. When visiting the vet for the Tapeworm Treatment always ensure that they fill in the passport correctly with the treatment Name, Date, Time and Practice details. Note: While you should not encounter any problems vets can have off days too, so wrong dates and not recording the time can happen, so ALWAYS request a receipt as backup.

The Facilities at the Terminal - Calais:
Before you reach the main check-in gates you need to take the right lane market “Pet Reception” to get your dog’s microchip and passport details checked. REMEMBER: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure all details are correct and that your dog has received the Tapeworm treatment from a vet as per the Pet Travel Scheme guidelines before travelling back to the U.K. - ALWAYS check the Eurotunnel website for the latest government guidelines

NOTE: If passport details are incorrect or the tapeworm treatment has not been given more than 24 hours or less than 5 days prior to travelling home you will be turned away and travel will not be permitted until the next day (an additional vet visit may also apply if treatment has expired).

Once you have been to the Pet Reception you then proceed to the main Check-In gates and check-in as normal. A dog walking area is located just across from the Terminal building entrance (as with Folkestone, dogs are not allowed inside).


A HUGE thank you to Kobee's owner Louise for putting all this information together for Paws across Britain! We hope to take Elsa to Europe one day, but in the meantime we will continue to follow Kobee, and his brother Yuki, on their adventures across Europe! 

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Update Feb 2018 | Eurotunnel Le Shuttle have recently featured Kobee on their website! Click here for full details.

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